The Boston Globe features in "How to protect yourself from renter fraud" article was featured in the April 9th, 2020 edition of the Boston Globe in a fantastic article entitled “How to protect yourself from renter fraud.” The article does an excellent job detailing the common types of rental fraud, including ways to protect oneself from it.

George Genel, CEO and founder of, is featured in the article describing our services and the reasons tenants should use them. “We designed the app so that renters don’t have to request permission from a landlord to run a check on them,” said Genel. “A renter just needs the name of the landlord and address of the rental, then we are credentialed and compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act to pull nationally available information on someone.”

There are many great resources in this article, including ways to report fraud to the Federal Trade Commission, local law enforcement, or the Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs.

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Lifehacker features in “How to Avoid Rental Scams Now That So Many Viewings Are Virtual” Article was featured in an August 23rd, 2020 article on that educates readers on how to avoid rental scams during the COVID-19 pandemic now that so many viewings are not done in person.

Being told one is not able to see a property prior to signing a lease is one of the primary strategies of rental fraud. The article details ways renters can protect themselves by still insisting on virtual viewings, and safe methods to view a property in person. The article recommends using as an additional strategy to ensure that renters can find out exactly who they are renting from.

Read the full article at

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