You deserve to know a landlord's background before disclosing any information for your safety & peace of mind.


  • Rental scams
  • Foreclosures
  • Judgments
  • Fake listings
  • Code violations
  • Weapons permits
  • Criminal history
  • Sex Offender
  • Bankruptcies
  • Liens
  • Unlawful evictions
  • Professional licenses
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You can't afford to be the victim

You deserve to know a landlord's background before disclosing any information for your safety & peace of mind.

Prevention is the BEST protection.

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SmartRenter makes the process clear and simple.

Get your comprehensive background report on property owners, landlords or property managers of any property you're considering leasing or renting. Protect yourself from unlawful, deceitful landlords, scammers and slumlords.

How It Works

SmartRenter Student Shield

SmartRenter protects off-campus students with our Student Shield program, adding a layer of assurance in the rental process in response to the increasing number of rental scams targeting student populations.

More About Student Shield

SmartRenter "Know It All" Sample Report

It's important to know your potential landlord's background before signing an agreement. SmartRenter's "Know It All" report provides you all the insights you need to make the most informed decision for your safety & peace of mind.

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"I was transferring $2,000 into a landlord's account when my friend told me I was being scammed."
— Janie, Student, UMASS

Definitely Recommend!

"I used SmartRenter when my goddaughter was moving to San Francisco. Once we started using SmartRenter we were able to spot the scams immediately. In the end, we found her a great place she loves. The SmartRenter reports gives you all the information of a property to spot a scam or bad landlord. It was worth her safety to use SmartRenter for every potential place we say. Happy and safe ending!"
— Jan S, Bay Area, CA

SmartRenter Saved Us

"My husband was relocated to the L.A. area. Being unfamiliar with the area we needed to find a place quickly. Using SmartRenter helped us identify those shoddy landlords or scams (where someone rents you someone elses home).
It's easy to use and cheap. I'm grateful for SmartRenter. Not sure what kind of situation we may have ended up in without it.
The reports outline the owner, and if there are any liens or possibly foreclosure on the property. We were able to avoid these and have been in our place for over a year now. Grateful we found a home we can stay in with the help of SmartRenter.
When doing your homework have SmartRenter help you out. Can't recommend it enough."
— Sheila G, North Hollywood, CA

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MySmartRenter featured in, The Bostom Globe, LifeHacker, and Forbes