Rental Scams. Unlawful Landlords.
You can't afford to be a victim.

MySmartRenter is the only dedicated landlord background screening system, designed to help you make smarter, safer rental decisions.

MySmartRenter landlord background screenings help you avoid rental scams before they happen.

Get your comprehensive background report on property owners, landlords or property managers of any property you’re considering leasing or renting. Protect yourself from unlawful, deceitful landlords, scammers and slumlords.

Prevention is the BEST protection.

MySmartRenter makes the process clear and simple.

We're here to help!

Learn about your future landlord before making a commitment and paying thousands of dollars.

MySmartRenter gives you peace of mind at a cost that is a fraction of what you could potentially lose in a rental scam or while living in a property owned by a negligent landlord. Minimize your risk. Don’t jeopardize your safety, finances or happiness when deciding on your next home.

MySmartRenter landlord background checks can help uncover a number of issues:

·  Rental scams
·  Foreclosures
·  Liens
·  Bankruptcies
·  Judgments
·  Fake listings
·  Bait and switch
·  Deposit theft
·  Unlawful evictions
·  Code violations

Landlords charge you up to $65 or more to run credit checks on each adult occupant. They even ask you for references to learn what kind of person you are.

Landlord screening isn't a priority to real estate agents, nor required by law, most times you never even meet the owner. Shouldn’t you know who you’re renting from?

Now you can!

MySmartRenter Student Shield

MySmartRenter protects off-campus students with our Student Shield program, adding a layer of assurance in the rental process in response to the increasing number of rental scams targeting student populations.