Young Renters

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SmartRenter understands the unique issues facing young renters and that they are consistently the leading target of scammers. Young renters face increased costs of living and mounting student loan debt. Consequently, they end up now renting longer prior to homebuying, keeping them in the rental market for more years than they've ever been.

Young renters are 42% more likely to have lost money from rental scams. Whether it's suspicious listings, contacting a scam rental, losing money from fraud or actually signing a scam lease, young renters are more vulnerable to these tactics.

Despite being a tech-savvy generation, renters under 30 are frequent targets of online rental fraud. Traditionally, younger people often find themselves moving frequently for jobs and into urban rental markets with limited supply. They face high-pressure renting scenarios, where signing leases prior to seeing a rental unit is common. This makes them ideal victims for rental scammers.

SmartRenter for Young Renters

SmartRenter Reports help young renters avoid some of these common scams that frequent target them. The competitive rental market exacerbates the problem of scams and predatory landlords. Fortunately, SmartRenter Reports provide a basic safeguard, providing information on the background of the rightful owner and the property.

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