Property Owners

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Competition is high for landlords seeking to rent their properties. Differentiating your listings in the marketplace is key for attracting the best tenants quickly.

Tenants are seeking all sorts of features when looking at rental property, such as amenities, cost and location. Their primary concerns are finding safe, stable homes maintained by a responsive, concerned landlord. Landlords have the ability to look up prospective tenants’ credit backgrounds, leaving the prospective renters to make their decisions based on their impressions of the of landlords. Renters have to trust that landlords are representing the property accurately and don’t have an unlawful history or economic challenges that might threaten the stability of the rental agreement.

As prospective tenants look for distinctive advantages of one property over another, being able to showcase your positive reputation is a clear win for them.

SmartRenter Certification for Property Owners

While SmartRenter reports allow tenants to screen landlord backgrounds, we also provides landlords to be screened quarterly for a certification they can showcase when they list their properties. With the "SmartRenter Certified" seal and links for more information, a landlord’s listing can show prospective tenants that the property is legitimate, ownership of the property has been verified and the owner has no unlawful behavior or financial trouble (such as bankruptcies, judgments, or liens) in their history.

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