Older Adult Renters

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SmartRenter understands the unique challenges facing older adult renters. Since 2007, there has been a 43 percent increase in older renters. While many older adults own their homes, the percentage who rent is on the rise. Since 1989, the percentage of homeowners age 65 to 74 carrying mortgage debt has nearly doubled and almost tripled for those over 75.

Facing these financial hardships often moves seniors back into the rental market as they struggle to pay for maintenance and taxes. Additionally, they have specific rental needs, looking to find affordability, physical accessibility, and access to medical and other services inside and outside the home, often while living on fixed incomes.

Today’s older adults age in place in the space they call home. While those with retirement savings and household wealth may be best able to afford higher rents, it also makes them the targets of scammers seeking to profit off them. Older adults are in danger of falling prey to scams and predatory landlords who lure them in with below-market rents and unusual payment methods.

SmartRenter for Older Adult Renters

SmartRenter Reports can empower older adult renters, helping them to confirm the rightful ownership of the property, and to ensure that signing with the landlord is not likely to provide additional threats to their finances, health, safety and unique needs that may arise as they establish their home.

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