SmartRenter Know It All

Get a comprehensive view of your potential landlord with our most extensive background screening that paints a full financial picture.

SmartRenter Know It All includes everything from SmartRenter Premium plus:

· Bankruptcies
· Foreclosures
· Liens
· Judgments

It's important to understand your potential landlord’s financial situation before signing on the dotted line, and SmartRenter Know It All will provide the insights you need in addition to all the safety insights you find in our other, less comprehensive reports.

SmartRenter Know It All uncovers any of the landlord’s prior or current bankruptcies and foreclosures. This essential information will provide insights into whether your potential landlord has mismanaged money, which could lead to future problems for you, or if there are liens against their property putting it in danger of a near-term foreclosure. With SmartRenter Know It All’s high level of information, you can avoid problems before they become yours.

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