How to Use SmartRenter Landlord Background Screening

Looking into SmartRenter’s landlord background check reports is a first step in taking your physical and financial safety as a renter into your own hands – congratulations!

These reports are tools to empower you in making smart rental decisions. Some items you see on the report might raise an immediate red flag for you, and others might be things you want to learn more about.

For example, if you are speaking with Bob Smith but the property is owned by Virginia Smith, Bob could still have the right to rent to you. You may just want to ask Bob about the property ownership and make sure the situation is one you are comfortable with. You can also ask to be put in touch with the owner directly.

When it comes to looking at the report, we suggest you look at the property information and ask yourself:

·  Is the information what you expected to see?
·  Is it consistent with what the landlord told you?
·  Is any of the information make-or-break for you?
·  Does it bring up more questions?

And if your report returns nothing out of the ordinary, then you have verified the information you were looking for, and you can decide if you should take the next step in the rental process with peace of mind.

While you may feel at a disadvantage in the rental process, you don’t have to. Choosing to get a SmartRenter landlord background check puts knowledge and power in your hands.

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