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We’re on a crusade to shield students from being taken advantage of by empowering them to make informed decisions. Don’t pay a deposit or enter into an agreement without our screening first. Don’t jeopardize your safety, finances, peace of mind or happiness.

The Student Shield Program

MySmartRenter has developed a special program “Student Shield” in which parents may also purchase our service and issue their kids our digital gift card.

International students are also targeted victims of these scams online or in person. They send money and when they arrive have no place to live. We can eliminate this problem in less than 10 minutes.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of students falling prey to unlawful, deceitful landlords. Some of us have experienced the devastating impact this has on our kids. As a parent, I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say how much it pains me to see this happening to our kids.

All too often we hear about landlords violating tenant’s rights after they move in. If you complain they retaliate by using unlawful evictions, threats, etc. which causes you immense stress, fear and can even result in physical altercations.

Shouldn’t you know who you’re paying?

Landlords run full background and credit checks on each adult occupant. Don’t you want to know who you’re paying thousands of dollars to? Not only do you deserve to know, you’re entitled to know.

MySmartRenter provides you with an instant comprehensive credit/background report on landlords, property managers, owners and multi-national apartment complexes.

Use our proprietary search by address if you don’t have a name to know about the owner or property before contacting them.

What does it include?

MySmartRenter searches for the following current or past vital information and more:

• We confirm they are the legal owner and not running a scam
• Liens, Judgements
• Foreclosures
• Bankruptcies
• Civil Court Actions
• Criminal Records
• Professional Licenses
• Concealed Weapons Permits
• National Sex Offender Registry
• Neighborhood Crime Information
• School Ratings

My SmartRenter provides information that a Real Estate agent will not know. Why? Landlord screening is not required by law.

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