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We’re on a crusade to transform the rental industry to minimize the risk of renters becoming victims of rental scams, unlawful/deceitful landlords and slumlords when selecting a home.

Innovative Technology

MySmartRenter’s innovative technology is designed to minimize your risk by exclusively checking the landlords credit/background. Knowing the facts empowers you to make smart decisions before filling out an application or disclosing personal information.

MySmartRenter is officially credentialed with the appropriate agencies and we’re able to provide a comprehensive easy to read report just for you.

Historically, landlords check your credit/background before deciding on you, shouldn’t you know the credit/background of the landlord? We all check who we buy from online to make sure they’re trustworthy and not a scam. Now you can check your landlord as well.

It’s always been taken for granted that a landlord or property manager of a large complex are law abiding and trustworthy. We all either know people or have experienced situations to know this is simply not true.

Don’t take a chance and jeopardize your safety and finances when deciding on your new home. Know the background of who you’re going to pay.

We offer property rental listings with a subscription to our Gold or Silver certification program.

View our pricing   and order now.

Thank you for placing your trust in mySmartRenter.

George Genel
Smartrenter Incorporated


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