SmartRenter for Real Estate

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SmartRenter understands the challenges real estate agents and brokers face every day, meeting strangers in vacant or unoccupied properties, putting themselves at great risk and opening themselves to being abused, robbed, assaulted or worse.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 33% of realtors have experienced a situation that made them worry about their safety or personal information. As a result, 44% of realtors carry self-defense weapons in the field. While apps can be used to track agent and broker locations and summon 911, they’re useless when cell service is bad. By the time a realtor knows they need to use them, they’re already in trouble.

Beyond safety risks, agents and brokers selling usually have limited information about an owner when renting a property. This puts their clients at great financial and physical safety risk.

SmartRenter gives rental agents and brokers the knowledge to prevent potential harm for themselves and clients with in-depth information on property owners before contact.

SmartRenter for Real Estate

SmartRenter landlord background screening reports offer proactive protection by prevention. SmartRenter reports let real estate agents, brokers, and property managers conduct a comprehensive search into the background of individuals and properties before representing them or engaging with the owner in a business relationship. This proactive safety measure allows agents and property managers to be vigilant about their personal safety, while avoiding problematic business relationships with financially troubled owners and distressed properties.

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