Homeowners Associations

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SmartRenter understands that the number one role of homeowners’ associations, or HOAs, is to ensure and maintain the safety and economic stability of their entire community and property.

Condominium and neighborhood associations have unique challenges when it comes to allowing members to rent their properties. In cases where a property owner may be experiencing significant economic troubles, it is in the HOA’s best interest to know this information prior to allowing that member to rent their property, which may have a lien or be falling into foreclosure. Members facing economic hardships are likely to try and use their property to generate income and less likely to properly vet quality tenants who will live up to the HOA’s community standards. In the event of a lien or foreclosure on that property, the HOA would have to navigate a tenant eviction as well.

SmartRenter for Homeowners Associations

SmartRenter landlord background screening reports examine property owners’ backgrounds as it relates to economic stability and their property. Our reports provide insight into any negative legal entanglements, as well as any troubled history with property, including liens, foreclosures, judgments or bankruptcies. These are vital pieces of knowledge HOAs should have before having the confidence to approve a member to rent their property.

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