MySmartRenter for Higher Education

MySmartRenter understands that colleges and universities are not accountable for what happens with off-campus housing, but it plays a significant role in the lives of their students and faculty.

National surveys show that most students have encountered online rental scams when looking for off-campus housing: 15% of students have contacted a scammer without realizing it until after they’ve filled out an application, disclosing personal information. Over 98% of that 15% of students admitted to paying a scammer, losing $3,000 on average. International and out of town students are highly targeted by scammers due to being unfamiliar with common rental procedures. Many have wired or paid online deposits and signed fake leases for sight-unseen rentals.

MySmartRenter for Higher Education

MySmartRenter offers the Student Shield program, special discount pricing for higher education institutions interested in helping students with their off-campus housing needs, avoiding rental scams, nefarious landlords, and slumlords. MySmartRenter proprietary, instant, and confidential landlord background screening reports provide students a layer of assurance that the property they want to rent is legitimately owned by the landlord representing it, and that the landlord and property are likely to be financially and physically safe. MySmartRenter reports help students avoid being taken advantage of by empowering them to make informed decisions. MySmartRenter reports are also a fantastic offering as a free perk to faculty and staff.

Colleges and universities will see a significant reduction of complaints from students falling victim to rental scams and unlawful landlords, leading to improved student and parent relations with housing departments.

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