SmartRenter for Employee Perks

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SmartRenter's landlord background screening system is one of the most powerful services you can offer employees who rent. We provide proactive protection against nefarious landlords, rental scams by providing instant, confidential access to view and screen the landlord's credit background before disclosing any information as a safety precaution.

Existing employees benefit greatly by using SmartRenter when moving. In today's competitive job market, offering SmartRenter at no cost to the employer and a discount for the employee shows good will and caring which helps attract top talent. Candidates gravitate towards companies that care about their welfare.

We know how important the safety and well-being of every company employee is, which is why we created special programs and pricing for these programs. The risks, lost productivity, and associated costs are extremely high for employees who find themselves in rental scams, unsafe living conditions, or evictions based on egregious landlord practices.

SmartRenter for Employee Perks

SmartRenter Reports are used by realtors and relocation companies who are unable to offer these services due to the restrictions of the Consumer Protection Act. Our reports enable companies to steer people unfamiliar to the region to the best neighborhoods and housing options to make these transitions as uneventful and smooth as possible. New employees are able to onboard safely with the confidence of knowing the background of their new property owner. SmartRenter is also a crucial service for existing employees moving into new rental scenarios, protecting them from scams and predatory landlords by providing information on the background of the rightful owner of the properties at which they are looking.

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