mySmartRenter for Business works with businesses and institutions, enabling them to provide our services to their clients, customers, and audiences in a branded, discounted way.

Higher Education

     Helping professors and students find safe and reliable off-campus rental options is a vital part of any higher education institution's housing program.
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Real Estate

     Agents and brokers meeting prospective landlords for the first time have no insight into the individual’s history or the details of the property they may represent.
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Member Services

     Membership-based enterprises have tremendous incentive to provide useful offerings to their members who may be relocated to or from a region.
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Employee Perks

     New and existing staff are frequently seeking new non-permanent housing, and helping ensure relocations are safe and adequate is of paramount interest to any employee services department.
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Tenant Advocates

     Tenant and rental advocacy groups and counselors are frequently looking out for the best interest of marginalized populations, helping them to find safe and stable properties in which to live.
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Property Owners

     Landlords are always seeking ways for their listings to stand out from the competition with recognized certifications that they have vetted reputations and property.
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Homeowners Associations

     It's vital that homeowners associations are using the best tools and practices to maintain the safety and economic stability of their entire community as their top priority.
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