MySmartRenter solves longstanding, universal pain points for renters: safety and peace of mind. Our extensive research tells us that almost everyone has either had or knows someone who has had a landlord nightmare story. We want renters to know they have the right to know about their potential landlord’sbackground before applying, paying a deposit or signing an agreement.

Renters do not have to give landlords the upper hand. Just as landlords perform background checks on renters, renters now have the ability to perform a similar screening on potential landlords.

MySmartRenter created the instant, confidential landlord credit background screening system. Our comprehensive, innovative system is effortless to use and fast. Most importantly, the detailed reports are detailedare comprehensive, straightforward and easy to understand, empowering renters to make decisions before applying, paying a deposit or disclosing any information for their financial and physical safety.

The best part? MySmartRenter landlord background checks are affordable for everyone.

You can’t afford not to know who you’re going to rent from.

Thank you for placing your trust in mySmartRenter.


George Genel
Smartrenter Incorporated

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